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Grupo América TV - Paraguay, 2020, ESP


Que comience la función - Paraguay, 2019, ESP
Part one 2017
00:00 / 31:24
Part two 2017
00:00 / 28:45
Part one 2015
00:00 / 27:45
Part two 2015
00:00 / 29:57


Entrevista. Rádio UDESC. Brasil 2015.
w/ Fabiane Tomaselli
00:00 / 1:13:35


Romy Martinez 2021 Abc Color

So far, yet so close to the Guarani Soul. ABC Color - Sunday Magazine. 21/03/2021.

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"Talk about Paraguayan women in music". 08/03/2019.

Ultima Hora. Paraguay.

Paraguayan singer presented her research in London". 09/03/2019.

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"An ensemble with multiple borders". 27/07/2015

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"Purahéi Trio presents concert today in Buenos Aires". 26/03/2017.

Purahei Trio. Mamute Noise.

Interview: "A geographical border does not imply that people from a neighbouring country are completely different to you". 06/12/2016.

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"Romy Martinez represents Paraguay in Iberoamerican event". 16/08/2017.

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"Singer Romy Martínez thriving abroad with her musical talent". 25/12/2016.

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"Purahéi Trio launches new album". 11/01/2017.

ABC Color, Paraguay.

Didactic concert: "Flores, Piazzolla and Jobim educate through music in the triple border". 29/08/2010

La Nación, Paraguay,

"Music that vanishes borders by the riverbanks". 22/09/2017.

Radio Nacional, Argentina.

Purahei trio at Radio Nacional. Buenos Aires, 13/03/2017.

Diário Catarinense, Brasil.

"Elisabete Anderle prize newly awarded. Purahéi Trio wins first place in music." 26/05/2015.

Posadas, Argentina. 04/12/2011.

"Melodies born in the Mercosur for a high hierarchy concert". 04/12/2011.

Notícias do dia. Santa Catarina.

"Borders united by music. Paraguayan singer presents Latin American songs". 04/01/2011. Notícias do dia, Santa Catarina, Brasil.

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"Triple Border in songs". By Paula Guimarães. 27/01/2015.

Noticias do dia, Floripa, Brasil.

¨Trio presents musical research on 4th of April, in the capital¨. 28/03/2017.

Diário Catarinense, Brasil.

"Universal sounds". Romy with the group ´Sonido´ at Joinville Jazz Festival. 17/10/2009.

Crónica, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"Purahéi group in Buenos Aires". 04/10/2013.

G1. - Brasil

"Six cities from the south of Brazil welcome the musical project Purahéi Trio". 11/11/2014.

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"Talents from Eastern Paraguay stand out in the world". 03/03/2017.

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Paraguayan Music in London - 02/10/2019

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